About Chapter

Who We Are

At the start of the 2002-03 chapter year, the Milwaukee Chapter and the Waukesha Area Chapter merged to form the Greater Milwaukee Chapter. The original Milwaukee Chapter was the 20th IMA chapter to be formed, back in 1922. The Waukesha Area Chapter spun off from the Milwaukee Chapter in 1968. The IMA Greater Milwaukee Chapter is a vibrant local chapter that serves the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

What We Do

The Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the IMA provides both members and non-members with extensive opportunities to build their professional knowledge and advance their careers:

  • Technical Meetings: These events are generally held in the third week of the month from September through May. Dinner is served in conjunction with the meetings. Non-members are welcome!
  • Social/Networking: These events are open to all interested people, whether or not they are IMA members. Live networking is still one of the best ways to increase connections and enhance your professional contacts.
  • Half-day seminars: These events are offered to increase technical skills. These are often on topics such as Excel or Access.
  • Plant tours: These give attendees a chance to see how another industry operates.
  • Electronic Offerings: Select technical meetings are offered electronically, allowing participation without attendance. Visit our website to see which events offer this option.
  • CMA review courses: If you are studying for the CMA credential, we offer a helpful list of courses available locally and online.

To summarize, the IMA Greater Milwaukee Chapter provides many opportunities to increase your knowledge, obtain the CMA certification, get your continuing education to support your credential’s requirements, and develop lifelong friends.